Herd your sheep towards the house!

Your sheep had been grazing all day, and now it’s time to guide them back home. Sheep naturally like to flock together. They will follow the shepherd and run away from the dog.

But watch out for wolves! They will attack any sheep left alone. A separated sheep will lose its protective halo.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 41, and is a cross between Pikmin and Pac-Man.

For the best experience, please download the game.

The download version is bound to physical keys, so non-QWERTY keyboards shouldn't have issues. You can also play with an Xbox controller, which is easier than keyboard controls.

The web version might perform have performance issues and controllers won't work.

Post-Jam Fixes:

  • Alt-F4 or the 'X' button closes the game in addition to 'Esc.' Sorry to any folks that got stuck!
  • Added Mac build (untested)
  • Added Ubuntu build, improved web performance, fixed uninitialized memory bug

Install instructions


Just click shepherd_and_dog.exe and it should run.


Shepherd and Dog (Win64) 701 kB
Shepherd and Dog (Win32) 599 kB
Shepherd and Dog (Ubuntu 16.04) 260 kB

Development log


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Nice game, the graphics are really sweet. Thanks for making and sharing

thank you!